NASCAR Hates Southern Heritage!

NASCAR spit on it’s southern fan base again by declaring that the Confederate flag is offensive. NASCAR reneged on a promise to allow PGA star Bubba Watson to drive an original General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard TV show as a pace car at the Phoenix International Raceway.

Despite being most popular among white southerners, NASCAR has a history of insulting southern heritage. In 2004 NASCAR told the No. 50 team of Derrike Cope that their sponsor,, was not appropriate for the sport. The Arnold Motorsports team was told that it had to remove all decals for the Internet classified ad site. Nextel Cup Series Manager of Communications Herb Branham said the sponsorship was pulled because ‘redneck’ is offensive to some people and we did not feel that it reflected the proper image for our sport.  Sons of Confederate Veterans is also banned from being an advertiser.