Politicians prevent police in Charlottesville from keeping law and order.

Politicians that Hate Confederate Monuments Hate their Ancestors.


UTZ Camp Initiation Ceremony March 2016

Our Initiation Ceremony for our March Camp Meeting was a great success. We had 36 people in attendance. Now Gimme a Rebel Yell.

UTZ Camp Initiation Ceremony March 2016

Confederate Flag Rallies Draw Thousands From Across The South.

In the aftermath of the TV campaign of hatred against all things Confederate, good folks are outraged at the ongoing attack on their Southern symbols.

From Occidental Dissent

Confederate Flag Rallies 2015-1

Splendid news from across Dixie today, as thousands of brave White, and some Black, men and women assembled across several states to demand their heritage and symbols be restored and respected.

The largest rally in Montgomery, Alabama, site of Governor Robert Bentley’s treasonous decision to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol monument, drew well over a thousand folks, by conservative estimates, and was hailed as a massive success by those organizing the event.

Speeches concerning the attacks on Southern culture and history were given to a rapturous crowd, topped off with a thunderous rendition of “I Wish I was In Dixie” that brought many of those gathered to the point of joyful and patriotic tears.

Other rallies in Tampa, Florida, Harrison, Arkansas, Gastonia, North Carolina, and Columbia, South Carolina drew hundreds more courageous Southern patriots into the struggle, as the waves of discontent over Marxist cultural genocide continue to grow stronger.

This is only the beginning of something far greater, and a sign that a tough and hardy people, bound by ties of blood, faith, and custom, cannot be held down indefinitely by those who wish death and destruction for all.

Confederate Flag Rallies 2015-2

Confederate Flag Rallies 2015-3

Confederate Flag Rallies 2015-4-Alabama

Arkansas witnessed an ad hoc awakening on Saturday as well. No retreat, no surrender, no apology.

Confederate Flag Rallies 2015-5-Arkansas

Near Tampa, Florida, hundreds of protesters prevented a tiny group of degenerates from burning a Confederate flag.

Confederate Flag Rallies 2015-6-Flordia

A snapshot of some North Carolinians standing up for their heritage and history.

Confederate Flag Rallies 2015-7-North-Carolina

Missouri SCV, Utz. Camp Awards.

Our September 2014 camp meeting with Missouri Division Commander, Darrell Maples. Commander Maples presented awards to the camp that were won at the National Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion held recently.



SCV and League of the South To Rally In Lexington.

From The Occidental Dissent


The Maryland/Virginia League of the South will be holding a protest in Lexington, VA this weekend on Saturday, July 26th, in response to the removal of the regimental Confederate battle flags from Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University. The meeting will begin at the Jackson monument at 10:00 AM.

The SCV is also holding a rally:

“Washington and Lee University has desecrated Robert E. Lee’s grave, but can remedy its error by restoring the Confederate battle flags and separating the chapel from university politics, the commander of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans said.

The Lexington-based Stonewall Brigade plans Saturday to battle the removal of replica flags from Lee Chapel with a downtown flag vigil starting at noon. That will be followed by an open forum at 4 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express to discuss how to respond to what it terms “grave robbery.” …”

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SCDOT moves to bulldoze Confederate Monument and Bessinger BBQ.

Update: Please call SCDOT Program Manager Kevin Gantt at 1-803-737-5808 and tell him that you oppose the project at John C. Calhoun Drive and Russell Street. We need you to call by Friday afternoon (March 9th).

From Examiner.com

South Carolina Bureaucrats are trying to use traffic congestion as an excuse to bulldoze a Confederate memorial and a Maurice Bessinger BBQ in the city of Orangeburg in Orangeburg County. Both Confederate monuments, as well as the Maurice Bessinger BBQ chain, have been under constant attack by the NAACP in South Carolina for the past twenty years.

It appears to be no coincidence that this is taking place in Orangeburg County. The county is 61% black and a center of black political power in the state. The city of Orangeburg is 75% black.

The Bessinger BBQ and the Confederate monument are located at John C. Calhoun Drive and Russell Street on the outskirts of Orangeburg. The monument is on land originally owned by Bessinger who deeded the land to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. SCDOT Program Manager Kevin Gantt said that over a three-year period, from 2004 to 2007, the intersection saw about 30 rear-end collisions. However, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of worst intersections in the state.

Immediate Action Required!!!!!

The SCDOT is only accepting comments on the project until March 9th. The SC media has censored this story, so there is not much time left.

Comments on the project may be submitted to: Mr. Kevin Gantt, S.C. Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 191, Columbia, S.C. 29202-0191, by email to ganttkl@scdot.org or by fax to 803-737-1510. Comments should include a name, mailing address and phone number.