Tampa Florida Confederate Flag Dedication.

The Largest Confederate Flag in the World.

Alabama councilman removes Confederate flags from graves.

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Mary Norman was shocked Thursday afternoon when Auburn Councilman Arthur L. Dowdell pulled up a Confederate flag placed on her great-grandfather’s grave and snapped it in half, she said.

Dowdell, who denies snapping the flag, said Thursday he was picking up his daughter from Auburn Junior High School near the cemetery when several people told him they “had a problem” with the flags.

He drove to the cemetery and started pulling up flags, he said. “It’s offensive to me,” he said. “To me, it represents the Ku Klux Klan and racism.”

“One of the flags had been placed on my great-grandfather’s grave, who was a Confederate soldier,” Norman said. “He just got very upset, and he went over to my great-grandfather’s grave, picked up the flag and broke it in two.”

He pulled up Confederate flags from other soldiers’ graves, too, she said. Dowdell said in his years as councilman, he had never seen so many Confederate flags in one place. “I’m going on the record that this will never happen again,” Dowdell said. “This will never happen again as long as I’m on the city council.”

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Response from a Patriotic Citizen.


I understand that you recently took it upon yourself to dishonor Confederate Veterans of the Civil War by removing Confederate Battle Flags from the private property of their decendants because you found them “offensive”.

SHAME ON YOU, COUNCILMAN, for your self righteous, pompous bigotry. What makes you think your “feelings” justify trampling on other folks feelings and rights and property?

I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran with a Bronze Star from the 101st Airborne. In my family tree you’ll find men listed as heroes by the Daughters of the American Revolution who served with Gen. George Washington, men who served as indentured servants to others for extended terms because they disagreed with polite society, and veterans of virtually every conflict in this country’s history to include both Confederate and Union Soldiers in the Civil War.

We don’t mind defending your freedoms, but we will not tolerate your whiny, feeble, weak attempts to limit ours!

You, Sir, are a disgrace and a fraud, historically ignorant, and suffer from the mistaken assumption that anybody really cares that you’re offended.

If you’re offended, stay the hell out of our cemeteries and off our property.